Advanced Rescue

advanced rescue

Supporting the safety of our clients operations is our primary goal as a training provider; to support this we have designed wind specific courses to meet the growing need of specialist specific training for our clients. Developed from this we have designed a comprehensive advanced rescue package to compliment the basic safety training of Renewable UK and the Global Wind Organisation.

The course offers a wide scope of training and assessment bespoke to wind farm sites. This starts with learning the skills needed to perform technical rescue on our training towers in a controlled environment with the aim to progress to the actual environment where those skills will be needed. We will work with our clients to adapt our core course to be bespoke to the environment for specific sites; this may include substations, turbines including monopoles, hub, nacelle, yaw etc…. and also may involve our team visiting the turbines / substation to design the courses as specific as we can.

The course will vary in duration dependant on your needs however we always aim to end the course with scenario days on the turbines/sub station that the delegates will be working on to ensure they are familiar with rescue from those areas.

Course Aim
To provide selected operational staff with skills and procedures for dealing with advanced wind farm rescues on substations and wind turbine generators.

Course Overview
Training in the advanced use of spine boards and stretchers, casualty management and lifting and lowering techniques from the turbine using industry specific equipment. The course will prepare individuals for offshore/onshore incident management and how to perform sub-station and WTG rescues in the simplest, safest, most efficient way possible.

This course will also offer introduction into the environment of a turbine/substation and familiarisation of areas.

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