Corporate services

At National Wind Farm Training Centres (NWFTC) we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality industry training.  In addition to our accredited courses we offer bespoke courses tailored to our clients requirements.  We offer expert consultancy services and safety and rescue solutions to wind farms under construction or in operation.

Our staff have specialist experience in a range of disciplines, including: Rope rescue, marine survival, firefighting, medical care and a variety of wind farm operations.

Our fully comprehensive training packages can include assessment of staff and locations on-site and offshore.  This maintains best practice and ensures rescue and first aid procedures are in alignment with current best practice and company standards.


Need a third parties opinion? We can help!

Our consultancy services have proven to be very successful with our clients.  We are able to come on your site, work with and asses your teams, operations and procedures. Help write rescue procedures from all areas of the turbines/ sub stations and ensure what your technicians are doing every day is safe, efficient and cost effective.

We are able to asses all rescue procedures as well as marine operations, working operations and general site operations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Procedure Writing

For access/egress and rescue.  Including trials, equipment supply, training delivery and production of basic instructional materials.

Rescue Supervision

For live drills on and offshore.  Including a detailed report on observations during rescue.

Problem solving

Problem solving solutions for areas involving difficult access and rescue.  Including rapid resolutions following an incident or observation.  We can also conduct equipment trials at our specialist facilities.

Bespoke courses

Bespoke training courses and training to meet client's exact requirements.  Including weather day exercises, to minimise skill-fade and ensure rescue and medical care techniques stay fresh.

Specialist Training Courses

Advanced Rescue

This course is designed to provide existing wind farm staff with a higher level of rescue capability.  It will involve comprehensive rescue equipment orientation and practice at a safe training facility, which will enable delegates to perform safe and efficient rescues in realistic scenarios on their specific wind farm.  We have a huge range of stretchers, rescue devices and medical equipment, which will suit avariety of wind farm types; along unique facilities such as a bespoke hub simulator and substation style walkways.

Wind Farm Medic

NWFTC's facilities in the East of England include bespoke wind specific training towers in which medical training can be applied in an environment operators will come across offshore.  Using the accredited First Person on Scene (Intermediate) pre-hospital training course as the backbone for the tuition our instructors will use their experience in Search & Rescue (SAR), Confined Area Rescue, Hazardous Area Response and Rope Access to deliver one of the best programmes in the industry.

On site services

Offshore/ onshore training & assessments! Stay safe!

In addition to offering you a fully comprehensive training package we are able to come and assess your teams offshore or on site after their training. This keeps your teams up to speed with refresher training on the turbines themselves removing bad habits and risk of forgetting rescue/first aid procedures.

Supporting Courses

We have experience of delivering a wide range of supporting courses to meet competency requirements both on-site and in the office, e.g. PPE Inspection, Fire Warden, Office First Aid plus, Work at Height Awareness and a range of informative lectures.  Many of our supporting courses can be delivered at client locations, ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and training takes place in the most relaistic and relevant locations.

We can also offer certain courses from our accredited course list on your sites, please contact us for details

Corporate Client Booking

We offer an online booking facility and database management system to enable our corporate clients to make group bookings with ease and the ability to manage their delegate accounts and certifications online.  Should courses need to be delivered on site please contact